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About eComm

About eComm

The Emerging Communications (eComm) Conference & Awards was created to promote and accelerate communications innovation.

It’s inception in early 2008 was a result of founder Lee S Dryburgh having grown exceedingly frustrated with existing telecom events. They were avoiding the real-issues and missing the real opportunities for both transformation and growth. “Industry talking to the industry” type events had yielded nothing but consensual hallucinations. Yet the gap between what telecom operators are doing (or allowing) and what the innovation community could do, and where end users are taking us is ever widening. Communications innovation is being democratized. The winners will be those who embrace it.

As a result eComm was created to provide a community focused effort to expose opportunities and promote innovation. It’s fully independent and uniquely straddles telecom, cellular and Internet based communications.

The eComm Conference & Awards takes place in Fall and Spring of each year. Fall takes place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, whilst Spring takes place in San Francisco, USA.

If you are interested in communications innovation, transformation and associated opportunities, it’s the world’s best. We strongly recommend that you attend both events and hope that you can join with the community. We look forward to your involvement.

(The image on this page shows Stanley Chia of Vodafone speaking at 2008 San Francisco, whilst the image on the homepage shows Cullen Jennings of Cisco speaking at 2009 San Francisco)