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The Next Wave of Communications Applications

Cullen Jennings, Distinguished Engineer, Office of CTO, Cisco

Date: Friday, October 30

Time: 9:15 - 9:30 AM

Location: Transformatorhuis

Each new wave of communication technology has commoditization some portion of the previous communications business. This talk will look at the current trends impacting unified communications and make some predictions about what the next wave of communications applications will include, what billion dollar market will get commoditization next, and the impact to end users.

Specifically it will look at:

  • Major trends that effect Unified Communications
  • A look at part of the next generation of communication applications
  • Some of the next business to "become free"
  • How web browsers will evolve to support interactive communications

And all of this mixed with a bit on how standards impact this and the dirty laundry on how standards get made.

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