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Bringing Interaction and Engagement to Digital Display Advertising

Tomaz Stolfa, Founder,

Date: Wednesday, October 28

Time: 12:05 - 12:10 PM

Location: Transformatorhuis

In the last few years digital displays have been popping out everywhere - airports, bars, movie theaters, events. Technologies running content on those displays are usually limited to displaying video and slideshows, but there is no technical reason that would prevent displaying real-time interactive content. During my talk I am going to explore the benefits of connecting digital displays with the telco infrastructure in order to enable multi-user, real-time interaction. This connection provides a new exciting tool for content providers and advertisers, that enables them to engage the viewer and start a conversation between the brand and the consumer in an unobtrusive way. I will demonstrate how our web based platform enables real-time interactivity on digital displays (one or more simultaneously). I will show some real world use cases in order to show how boring content can be replaced by an engaging experience for the viewers.

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