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Filling the Not-Spots - Provision of Service in No Service Areas

James Body, CTO, Truphone

Date: Thursday, October 29

Time: 9:05 - 9:15 AM

Location: Transformatorhuis

We believe that now is the right time to look more closely at the nature of, and reasons for, the persistent 2G 'not-spot' problem as well as the state of mobile broadband coverage and work where appropriate to facilitate better coverage."  Ofcom (UK Regulator) Mobile Sector Assessment 2009

In this session I would like to show how both unlicensed and licensed spectrum can be used together in a number of innovative and practical ways in order to provide full mobile and fixed services in areas that current spectrum holders do not consider commercially viable.  I would seek to pack into 20 minutes:

  • Definition of the problem (illustrated with real life scenario)
  • New ways of managing spectrum to allow new entrants to innovate and compete
  • Technologies of opportunity - the tools that are already available and are underdevelopment that will allow new operators to deploy fully functional infrastructures to places where conventional technology is not practical
  • Deployment and operational costs associated with new technologies
  • How and why it is possible for new entrant network operators to implement complete mobile communications infrastructures  at cost levels that the existing legacy equipped operators would find exceedingly difficult
  • [Out of session] Practical demonstration of a range of the current new technologies, possibly (venue infrastructure and licencing permitting) with live audience interaction!

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