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Ubiquitous Voice over Broadband - is There a Future Role for the Smart Pipe?

Martin Taylor, CTO, Metaswitch

Date: Friday, October 30

Time: 11:35 - 11:50 AM

Location: Transformatorhuis

Think forward a few years: Mobile broadband is available almost everywhere and WiFi-enabled smartphones are 50% of the market.  Net neutrality rules on both fixed and mobile broadband.

Voice may be "just another application" but it won't be free. Service providers will have to charge for off-net calls to recover termination fees, and will also look to value-added voice features such as call screening, find me follow me and voice messaging for incremental

Customers want one phone number for personal calls and another for business. They want both numbers to be served by VoIP so they can make or take any call on your mobile phone, on a cordless or desktop hard phone, or even on your PC.

Voice customers have at least one business relationship with a traditional telco for broadband services.  They may get both fixed and mobile broadband from a single provider, or they may use separate fixed and mobile service providers.

Who are you going to rely on as your primary supplier of voice services - your telco or an over-the-top provider?  Can the telco do enough for you to retain your voice business?  Or will most of us end up depending on telcos only as dumb pipe providers? This session, presented by Martin Taylor, MetaSwitch's Vice President of Product Strategy takes a look at the future impact of ubiquitous broadband and the battle lines that are being drawn up between over-the-top and traditional voice service providers.

Taking a realistic look at the future of telecommunications and broadband, this talk will pose questions that need to be considered as telcos create their network strategies for the next five years. MetaSwitch brings a unique perspective to eComm because of its knowledge of all types of carrier networks. From cable to enterprise, from rural carrier to Tier 1 incumbents, MetaSwitch has experience in them all and is eager to share views, observations and predictions.

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