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Conference Speakers

Aaron Kaplan

FunkFeuer, Founder

L. Aaron Kaplan (born 1975) Studied maths and computer sciences in Vienna, Austria. Aaron works for the Austrian domain registry where he feels responsible for setting up a national CERT. He is the founder of the FunkFeuer ( free wireless community network in Austria. FunkFeuer covers Vienna, Graz and certain areas which have little or no DSL connectivity in Austria (Weinviertel, Bad Ischl). Since it's creation , FunkFeuer has been constantly expanding and innovating. At funkfeuer he is currently concentrating on the OLSR-NG project which aims to enhance the possibilities and scalability of the open source OLSR (RFC 3626) mesh routing protocol.

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Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, CEO and Co-Founder

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino is the CEO and Co-Founder of! She has a background in industrial and interaction designer working for companies such as Nokia, Motorola, Droog design, Thinglink, Jaiku, Blast Radius, and Blyk bringing creative and strategic leadership to multi-disciplinary teams. She is an active speaker on the next generation of technology-aided product design and heads!'s operations from London.

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Andrew Shorten

Adobe, Platform Evangelist

Andrew is a Platform Evangelist for Adobe and is passionate about improving the quality, richness and value of computer-based experiences. Andrew developed web, kiosk and mobile user interfaces for government and enterprise customers whilst working at Fujitsu and has since worked for Macromedia, Microsoft and Adobe, where he has engaged with designers, developers, web agencies and organisations to help them deliver rich, engaging and successful web and desktop experiences.

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Andy Abramson

Comunicano, Founder

Andy Abramson is the founder of Comunicano, Inc., a 30 person asymmetrical communications consultancy, geared to providing clients with Senior Advising, Marketing Communications, Corporate Communications and Marketer-In-Residence services to start-ups, companies in transition and established brands with regard to influencer relations, marketing, advertising, public relations, social media, promotion, events and reputation management in the technology, consumer products and business to business markets.

Andy is also Ken Rutkowski’s eleven-year running co-host on KenRadio’s World Technology Roundup and an active blogger with both VoIPWatch and Working Anywhere, two blogs that focus on emerging communications and the virtual workplace.

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Ben Arent

Bettie, Founder

Ben Arent is the founder of bettie, . A company developing innovative, accessible and inter-generational communications devices. Ben holds a Product Design degree and is currently working as an Interaction Designer at the TRIL centre. The TRIL centre develops new technology to keep older adults aging in place for as long as they can. Ben uses a user centred design process to involve and understand users. Enabling him to create useful and enticing technology designed for older adults who are ignored by today's design and developed efforts.

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Benoit Felten

Yankee Group, Senior Analyst

Benoit Felten is a Senior Analyst focused on Next Generation Access Networks in Yankee Group's Enabling Technologies Service Provider Research group. Felten focuses on NGAN in terms of architecture, relevant vendor strategies as well as new service opportunities for ISPs, carriers, and MSOs. Specifically, he examines the business model and marketing challenges related to broadband and fiber to the home [FTTH] as well as tracking evolutions in the related regulatory environment. Before Yankee Group, Felten was at Arcome, a French telecom consultancy and analysis firm. In more than 7 years at Arcome, Felten managed and carried out numerous high-profile consultancy projects for operators and vendors in continental Europe and North Africa. Prior to joining Arcome, Felten was the SME Portfolio Manager at Belgacom France where he was responsible for their Fiber to the Office offers.

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Bob Frankston

Frankston Innovating, CEO/Consultant

Bob Frankston may be best known for writing VisiCalc. He has been working on online services and networks since 1966 and while at Microsoft initiated the home networking effort. Since then he’s focus his attention on a post-telecom model that builds on the Internet dynamic to achieve connectivity from the edge rather than the center.

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Brough Turner

netBlazr Inc., Founder

Brough Turner is a communications industry engineer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of, a startup working to change the landscape for broadband Internet access in the US urban areas. Previously Brough was co-founder and CTO of Natural MicroSystems and NMS Communications and advisor to iSkoot, Stargen and several other tech start-ups. He writes and is quoted widely on telecommunications topics in trade and general business publications. Since 2001, Brough has focused on the wireless infrastructure and mobile applications. Brough blogs on the technology, economic and social issues of communications at the intersection of telecom, mobility and the Internet.

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Chris Castiglione

University of Amsterdam, New Media MA Graduate

Chris Castiglione is a new media theorist, musician and recent New Media MA graduate from the University of Amsterdam. Over the past two years he has written extensively on issues surrounding the “music industry”: arguing that musicians are benefiting from piracy and the free online distribution of media. In 2009 he was awarded 3rd prize in the University of California Santa Barbara’s “Social Computing in 2020” competition. This year he also contributed two entries to The Institute of Network Culture’s publication From Weak Ties to Organized Networks.

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Claire Boonstra

Layar, Co-Founder

Claire Boonstra is one of three founders of Layar, the Reality Browser. She is the managing director of SPRXmobile, the company that founded Layar. Co-organized Mobile Monday Amsterdam. Has a background in civil engineering (TU Delft), consumer marketing (Unilever), mobile internet (i-mode, KPN) and media (Talpa Digital). Mother, dancer, ski-freak.

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Colin Pons

KPN, Senior Architect

Colin has been in telecommunication since 1996 after receiving his bachelor degrees in telecommunications in The Netherlands. Colin joined KPN in 2003. Between 2004 and 2007 Colin was the chief architect for VoIP and IMS responsible for technology strategy, architecture design and product innovation. In 2007 moved to the business development side, where he developed an alternative wholesale strategy, re-engineer innovation management processes and business planning. Earlier this year he was asked to oversee and guide VoIP developments within KPN including portfolio and roadmap planning, providing guidelines for implementation of network solutions and cost reductions.

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Cullen Jennings

Cisco, Distinguished Engineer, Office of CTO

Dr. Cullen Jennings is a distinguished engineer at Cisco and helps develop Cisco's strategy around communication applications. Cullen is also the co-director for the area of the IETF develops standards around real time interactive communication applications including voice, video, SIP, conferencing, and IM and presence. He is author of several standards around SIP systems and has helped design and build many communications systems including several open source projects.

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Daniel Appelquist

Vodafone, Senior Researcher/Technology Strategist

Daniel Appelquist is a senior researcher and technology strategist at Vodafone Group R&D focusing on mobile Web and social media topics. He represents Vodafone in the W3C where he helped to create the Mobile Web Initiative. He is a founder of MobileMonday London, and the Mobile 2.0 and Over the Air events.

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David "Lefty" Schlesinger

LiMo Foundation/ACCESS, Director/Chairman

David "Lefty" Schlesinger is Director of Open Source Technologies at ACCESS Co., Ltd., working principally on open source strategy and community relations and represents ACCESS in a number of industry and community initiatives. For LiMo Foundation, he is the chairman of the Open Source Committee and an elected member of the Architectural Steering Committee. He is vice-chair of the Architectural Working Group of the Linux Phone Standards Forum, Chair of the Linux Foundation’s Mobile Linux Working Group, and a member of the GNOME Foundation’s Advisory Board and the GNOME Mobile Initiative.

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David Wang

Google, Technical Lead and Architect

David Wang is a client technical lead and architect for Google Wave. He is a graduate of University of New South Wales Australia in Bachelor of Software Engineering and a fortunate recipient of the University Medal. After developing software in a variety of industries and with a passion for web technologies, David joined Google in late 2006. David leads the design and development of the core technologies driving the live and concurrent capabilities of Google Wave.

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Dean Bubley

Disruptive Analysis, Founder

Founder of Disruptive Analysis, an independent technology industry analyst and consulting firm. An analyst with over 16 years’ experience, he primarily specialises in mobile, wireless, networking, and telecoms fields, with further expertise in certain aspects of the software and semiconductor sectors. His present focus is on wireless technology, especially the evolution of mobile device architecture & software, fixed-mobile convergence, IMS, wireless VoIP, shifts in service provider value chains, enterprise mobility, in-building technologies, femtocells, spectrum policy, wireless broadband, and the integration of cellular and WLAN technologies. He is also the author of the Disruptive Wireless blog, found at

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Dean Elwood

VoIP User, Co-Founder and Editor

Dean Elwood is co-founder and editor of VoIP User, a community site offering a self-funded SIP network and PSTN gateway. VoIP User is a reference point for the industry and consumer alike, acting as a platform for the exchange of ideas and technology as well as the presentation of industry news. Well recognised as a thought leader for the industry, he is an active writer and conference speaker on next generation telephony. Dean is a named inventor on several VoIP patents and a non-executive director for several VoIP companies.

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Gerd Leonhard, Media Futurist

The Wall Street Journal calls Gerd one of the leading Media Futurists in the World. He is the Co-Author of the influential book ‘The Future of Music’ (2005, Berklee Press), as well as the Author of ‘Music2.0’ (January 2008, and ‘The End of Control’ (see the preview chapters at, publication date: early 2009).

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Graham Brierton

Voicesage, CTO

Graham Brierton is CTO and original designer for Voicesage, an innovator in the Communications Enabled Business Processes space. He has spent the last 16 years as a technologist, business process engineer, problem solver and entrepreneur. He is passionate about making technology simple, relevant with clear bottom line business benefit. He has a broad range of industry experience from saw mill management, to insurance, to internet banking, to gas turbine power plant manufacturing and beyond. His range of business knowledge and healthy disrespect for 'the way things should be done' brings viability to the Voicesage vision of the power of voice.

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Greg Skibiski

Sense Networks, CEO & Co-Founder

Mr. Skibiski is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sense Networks. He is responsible for the company's overall strategic vision. Prior to co-founding Sense Networks, Skibiski served as Principal Architect of the Business Development group at BackWeb Technologies (NASD: BWEB), a mobile infrastructure software company. Previously, he was the Director of BackWeb's relationship with SAP, the company's largest source of revenue. Skibiski also acted as the chief software architect for integrations with IBM, Microsoft, and SAP. He holds an MBA from HEC Paris and a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Bucknell University.

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Hjalmar Winbladh

Rebtel, CEO

Hjalmar Winbladh is a serial entrepreneur from Sweden. Today he is CEO of Rebtel, which he co-founded in early 2006. His previous venture was Sendit AB, which pioneered mobile Internet services via mobile operators in 1994. He and his co-founder, Jonas Lindroth took Sendit public in Sweden in 1997 and was later acquired in 1999 for $150 million by Microsoft where Winbladh served as general manager of Microsoft’s Mobile Internet Business Unit until 2001.

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Imran Ali

Carbon Imagineering, Founding Partner

Imran Ali is a founding partner of Carbon Imagineering, a UK-based emerging technologies think tank which is incubating a number of startup projects - including coworking spaces, social TV and Islamic computing - as well as working with various clients in exploring early-stage technologies and social media. Imran was previously Deputy Director of Technology Research at Orange UK and helped to develop various R&D teams and units for Wanadoo and Freeserve. Also, Imran has been a programme advisor for both editions of O'Reilly's Emerging Telephony conference and blog as well as a former contributor to TechCrunch UK.

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Jaap van Till

HAN University, NL, Professor

Jaap is consultant to CTO’s and corporate telecom managers, who has experience in the mobile network, telecommunication, computer network and Internet-infrastructure fields, and is working at the cutting edge of new disruptive technologies and emerging peer-to-peer community tools, FttX and technology policy. Jaap van Till is senior partner at Stratix Consulting, professor at the HAN University in Arnhem (NL) and director of the Institute for Network Quality (IfNQ). He was professor at the Delft University (NL) and the University of Kaunas (Lithuania) and frequently teaches at post-graduate courses and business schools, like the Institut Theseus in Nice (France).

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James Body

Truphone, CTO

James Body is well known in eComm circles in his role as Director of Research at Truphone, the innovative new mobile operator that offers services aimed at individuals with international life styles. Whilst still playing an active role at Truphone, his new position as CTO at Telet Research, a Northern Ireland based telecommunications consultancy has allowed him to explore a wide range of new and exciting areas of opportunity.

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James Burke

VURB, Co-Founder

James Burke is co-founder of VURB, a European framework for policy and design research concerning urban computational systems. He currently works as a freelance interaction designer and user experience architect under the moniker of Lifesized. He is also founding member of Hackdeoverheid, NARB, the Roomware Project and the P2P Foundation.

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James Enck

mCAPITAL, Senior Partner

James Enck is a senior partner at mCAPITAL, a European and Asian special situations investment fund. Prior to helping found mCAPITAL, James was responsible for global TMT investments within the Merrill Lynch Principal Credit Group in London. This followed ten years as a sell-side telecom analyst, during which he wrote the first research note on Skype within days of its launch, predicted BSkyB's entry into broadband by eight months (a view the company vehemently disagreed with at the time), and was recognised by Bloomberg as the top stock-picker in telecoms globally in 2006.

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Jan Linden

Global IP Solutions, VP of Engineering

Jan Linden has been conducting research and development in media processing and communications for more than sixteen years. He is the Vice President of Engineering of Global IP Solutions and as such responsible for all research and development activity within the company. Prior to joining Global IP Solutions in 2000 he was with the University of California, Santa Barbara and SignalCom, Inc. He holds a Ph.D. and an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, has published more than 30 articles in various publications and has filed and been awarded several patents.

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Jay Phillips

Adhearsion, Ruby and VoIP Hacker

Jay Phillips is an innovator in the spaces where sophisticated VoIP development falls apart and where modern programming languages rock. As the creator and project manager of Adhearsion, Jay brings new possibilities to these two technologies through his work on the open-source Adhearsion framework.

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Johanna Kollmann

Vodafone, User Experience Manager

Johanna started her career in User Experience at Siemens in 2004 and has since gained experience in both in-house and agency-side roles. After working at London-based consultancy Flow Interactive, she is now a User Experience Manager at Vodafone. Her background is in Information Design and Human-Computer Interaction.

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Julien Salanave

IDATE, Managing Director

Julien leads telecoms research and advisory activities at IDATE, a European research boutique. He manages a team of 15 analysts helping operators and equipment vendors assess innovation trends impacts on their businesses. Julien advises senior executives at leading global operators and vendors across Europe and Asia. He has co-authored high profile reports “European Telecoms 2015”, “Next Generation Carrier Models”, “Mobile VoIP: has the time come?”, “Green Telecoms” and frequently speaks at industry conferences. Before joining IDATE, Julien was a venture capitalist at Newbury Ventures and Apax Partners, an investment banker at UBS Warburg and a strategy consultant at Monitor Company.

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Lars Rasmussen

Google, Member of Technical Staff

Lars Rasmussen is a member of Google's technical staff, based in the Sydney office, and with his brother Jens is co-founder of the Google Wave effort. In early 2003, the brothers co-founded a mapping start-up, Where 2 Technologies, which was acquired by Google in October of 2004. Lars joined Google and worked as one of the lead engineers in the team that turned this acquisition into Google Maps, now used by millions of people around the world. Lars holds a Ph.D. in theoretical computer science from the University of California at Berkeley.

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Lee S Dryburgh

Emerging Communications Research & Events, Founder

Lee S Dryburgh is a communications engineer, technologist and futurist. He pours great passion and energy into self-directed projects. He takes coffee and network bandwidth as input and outputs training, consulting and conferences. His expertise is in two domains: First - the way telecoms operates today at the engineering level; specifically Signalling System #7 (SS7/SigTran/CAMEL/MAP) which powers virtually all telephone calls, all SMS, cellular mobility itself, and most pre-paid cellular solutions. Second - exceptional knowledge of the future of telecommunications, in particular telephony. He can provide a detailed view of the industry in 1, 2 or even 10 year’s time.

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Lee Sankey

Voxygen Limited, Operations Director

Lee is Operations Director at Voxygen Limited, where he assists clients with business strategy, service design and user experience. Over the last 20 years he has worked in a diverse set of industries including Industrial Design, Law, Outsourced Operations and Telecommunications. Lee has held Director level positions in start-ups, SME’s and large organisations working to board level. Lee began designing running shoes for Puma in late 80’s and provided blue-sky product concepts for Swatch and Yamaha while studying Industrial and Transportation Design.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring Lee Sankey:

Mark Rolston

frog design, Chief Creative Officer

An early UX design pioneer, Mark was founder of frog’s digital media group back in 1996 and now orchestrates strategists, technologists, designers and information architects to produce groundbreaking work for Fortune 500 companies. His work focuses on the intersection of product, digital, and strategic design. Just like a real frog, he can see in all directions.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring Mark Rolston:

Martin Geddes

Independent, Industry Futurist

Martin Geddes is a thought leader on business models in the telecommunications industry. He is formerly Strategy Director at BT Innovate & Design. He started blogging about the collision of the IT and telecoms industries in 2003. This was inspired by his work on a pioneering project at Sprint to adopt an ‘open’platform business model. This led to a deep interest and new career uncovering the drivers of telecoms industry structure. He has a special expertise in the impact of multi-sided markets, Cloud communications, and the future of vertically integrated products like telephony and SMS.

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Martin Taylor

Metaswitch, CTO

Martin Taylor is chief technical officer at Metaswitch Networks and one of the leading experts on guiding traditional network operators down the path of becoming software telcos.   Martin is a 20-year industry veteran and he has been working with IMS since before he joined Metaswitch in 2004. He is now project owner for Project Clearwater and also an active participant in the European Telecommunications Standards Institute's Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Industry Specification Group.   Martin is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, England with a degree in Engineering. He enjoys skiing, golf, fly fishing and fine wine.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring Martin Taylor:

Martyn Davies

Dialogic, Principal Consultant

In a career of over twenty years, Martyn has taken in software engineering, support, sales and marketing, starting with data networking and leading to today's converging voice, messaging and data over IP. Today Martyn is Principal Consultant at Dialogic, working with third party software developers to create telephony applications with a wide variety of different tools, open and proprietary. Working on the edge of the old and the new with everything from SS7 to SIP, he tries to retain an open mind and a sense of curiosity.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring Martyn Davies:

Michael Calabrese

New America Foundation, Vice President; Director, Wireless Future Program

Michael Calabrese is Vice President and Director of the Wireless Future Program at the New America Foundation, a non-profit think tank based in Washington, D.C. He oversees the Foundation's efforts to modernize the management of the public airwaves and to promote ubiquitous and affordable wireless broadband access. Previously, Mr. Calabrese served as General Counsel of the Congressional Joint Economic Committee and as a counsel at the national AFL-CIO. Calabrese is a graduate of Stanford Business and Law Schools, where he earned a JD/MBA degree; and a graduate of Harvard College, where he earned a B.A. in Economics and Government.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring Michael Calabrese:

Michael Jackson

Mangrove Capital, Partner

Michael joined Skype as COO and managed all the revenue generating aspects of the project from launch through sale to eBay and growth from zero revenue to 400 million in 3 years. He learnt the tricks of the trade within the Tele2 group of companies, creating 9 mobile businesses across Europe, plus ISP, callback and calling card operations. Michael is credited with the creation of the business model known as 'MVNO' Michael is a Partner at Mangrove Capital Partners in Luxembourg, a leading early stage VC.

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Moray Rumney

Agilent, Lead Technologist

Moray Rumney joined Hewlett-Packard/Agilent Technologies in 1984 after receiving a BSc in Electronics from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Moray’s main focus has been the development and system design of base station emulators used in the development and testing of cellular phones. Moray joined ETSI in 1991 and 3GPP in 1999 where he was a significant contributor to the development of type approval tests for GSM and UMTS. He currently represents Agilent at 3GPP RAN WG4, developing the air interface for HSPA+ and LTE. He was a contributor and technical editor of Agilent’s new book on LTE design and measurements.

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Morten Hjerde

Vodafone, User Experience Manager

Morten works as User Experience Manager at Vodafone Group where he designs mobile phone software and services. Prior to this he worked at mBricks, leading innovation and ideation and designing enterprise software for mobile phones and at Ememess designing mobile phone games and fun stuff. He lives and works in London, UK.

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Moshe Yudkowsky

Disaggregate, President

Dr. Moshe Yudkowsky has twenty years of experience in product development in high-technology industries and consults in speech recognition, text-to-speech, and biometrics. Moshe is president of Disaggregate, and author of "The Pebble and the Avalanche: How Taking Things Apart Creates Revolutions," At Bell Labs, Dr. Yudkowsky worked on several large-scale deployments of speech recognition. He joined Dialogic in 1996 as a Senior System Architect. He founded Disaggregate in 2002. Dr. Yudkowsky led the ECTF's Automatic Speech Recognition Task Group for over a decade and is the founding Chair of the Midwest Speech Technology Association.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring Moshe Yudkowsky:

Norman Lewis

Open-Knowledge UK, Founding Partner

Dr Norman Lewis is a Founding Partner and Director of Open-Knowledge UK Ltd, part of Open-Knowledge Italy, one of the leading Enterprise 2.0 companies in Europe. Prior to this he was the Chief Strategy Officer for the Wireless Grids Corporation, USA. Prior to joining WGC, he was the Director of Technology Research for Orange, UK. Prior to this Lewis was the Director of Technology Research for the Home Division of France Telecom and of He was until recently, the Chairman of the International Telecommunications Union's TELECOM Forum Programme Committee.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring Norman Lewis:

Peter Kaptein

RoomWare, Developer

Peter Kaptein is a developer and designer of software. He developed and designed Intranet-solutions and web based Content Management Systems from 1998 to 2002. In 2002 he moved to using and programming Adobe Flash and is currently building RAD frameworks for web/real-world interfacing, “web of things” and RoomWare based applications. In 2006 Kaptein hosted the first set of RoomWare workshops in his office while doing another start-up. In april 2009, together with Alexander Zeh, he created the basis of a new foundation for RoomWare applications that will be released for the public in early 2010.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring Peter Kaptein:

Phillipa Marks

Plum Consulting, Director

Phillipa Marks is an international expert in the application of market mechanisms to the management of the radio spectrum. She has advised many government and the European Commission on a wide range of spectrum policy issues. She is currently a member of the Ofcom Spectrum Advisory Board. Before joining Plum she was a Director at Indepen and before that was Director at NERA where she led projects on spectrum management, telecoms and broadcasting policy. She has Masters degrees in economics from Canterbury University, New Zealand and Oxford University, UK.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring Phillipa Marks:

Prof. William Webb

Ofcom, Head of Research and Development

William is Head of Research and Development at Ofcom. Here he manages a team providing technical advice and performing research. He leads some of the major reviews conducted by Ofcom including the Spectrum Framework Review and most recently cognitive policy. Previously, William worked for a range of communications consultancies in the fields of hardware design, computer simulation, propagation modelling, spectrum management and strategy development. William has published ten books, eighty papers, and four patents. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the IEEE and the IET.

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RJ Auburn

Voxeo, CTO

In addition to being the driving force behind Voxeo's technology innovation and integration, Auburn is also the editor and chair of the W3C Call Control XML (CCXML) standard, co-author and editor of the W3C's State Chart XML (SCXML) standard, and an active leader on a number of other standards, including VoiceXML, Media Control, and SIP. Auburn is an acknowledged expert in the fields of voice recognition, call control, and call center integration, and has been working with and on next-generation telephony projects and standards since the age of 15.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring RJ Auburn:

Robert Horvitz

Open Spectrum Foundation/Alliance, Founder/Co-Founder

Robert Horvitz is founder/director of Stichting Open Spectrum (in English: the Open Spectrum Foundation), which promotes license-free access to the radio spectrum. He has been actively engaged in spectrum policy reform efforts since the 1970s. In 1987 he attended the ITU’s World Administrative Radio Conference as a nongovernmental observer. His "Local Radio Handbook", published in 1991, has been translated into 6 languages. From 1992 to 1994 Horvitz was the Soros Foundations' radio advisor for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. From 2000 to 2004, he managed the Global Internet Policy Initiative. During summer 2008 in Vienna he co-founded the Open Spectrum Alliance.

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Rudolf van der Berg

Logica, Management Consultant

Rudolf has had a diverse career in telecoms. He has a degree in Public Administration. He worked for the NDIX internet Exchange and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Topics he was involved in are lawful interception, dataretention, new telecoms networks and net neutrality. As a management consultant at Logica he works for a diverse clientele in the Telecom and Energy sectors. Rudolf documents his thoughts on telecoms at They range from the Telecommunications Cool Wall, an explanation of Peering and Transit, wiki's and mobile terminating fees around the world to pictures of Fiber to his Home.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring Rudolf van der Berg:

Sascha Meinrath

New America Foundation, Research Director, Wireless Future Program

Sascha Meinrath has been described as a "community Internet pioneer" and an "entrepreneurial visionary" and is a well-known expert on community wireless networks (CWNs) and municipal broadband. Leading news sources, including the Economist, the New York Times, the Nation, and National Public Radio, often cite Sascha's work in covering issues related to CWNs. Sascha is the Research Director for the New America Foundation's Wireless Future Program. Additionally, he coordinates the Open Source Wireless Coalition, a global partnership of open source wireless integrators, researchers, implementers and companies dedicated to the development of open source, interoperable, low-cost wireless technologies.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring Sascha Meinrath:

Sean Park

Nauiokas Park, Founder

Sean has been involved as founding investor in a number of disruptive and highly successful new ventures such as Betfair, Weatherbill, and Seedcamp and has extensive experience investing in and advising start-up and high growth companies. He is currently a non-executive Director of FX Capital Group, ODL Group and on the advisory board of He is the author of the widely read Park Paradigm, a blog focused on the future of finance. Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Sean has a BSc in Materials Science from Rice University in Houston, Texas. He is now based in London.

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Stefan Agamanolis

Distance Lab, Chief Executive/Research Director

Stefan Agamanolis heads Distance Lab, a creative research institute bringing together technology, design and the arts to redefine and overcome distance. He has over 10 years of experience inside the MIT Media Lab, first as a student and later as one of the founding research directors at Media Lab Europe. Working with briefs from industry partners, Distance Lab generates ideas and builds prototypes that can lead to new innovative products.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring Stefan Agamanolis:

Stefan Hopmann

Swisscom, Innovations Program Manager

Stefan Hopmann is Innovations Program Manager for Open APIs at Swisscom. This program aims at opening up the infrastructure and services to partners and developers, allowing them to develop applications and services, which support the communication needs of companies towards their customer base. APIs for Voice Call Management may enable the creation of new and more efficient voice communication services.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring Stefan Hopmann:

Sten Tamkivi

Skype, Chief Evangelist

Sten Tamkivi is Skype's Chief Evangelist, building relationships with engineering communities, media, governments and academia around the world. Based in Tallinn, he also looks after Skype Estonia, our largest office globally as local General Manager. Sten joined Skype in 2005 and has held various executive positions as the Head of Operations, overseeing our sites and servers, internal IT, security, and productivity tools; as manager of the engineering for Skype Devices; General Manager of Skype's eCommerce activities, responsible for developing next-generation commerce around Skype's core communication offering; and more recently as GM of Desktop clients.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring Sten Tamkivi:

Stephanie Hannon

Google, Lead Product Manager

Stephanie Hannon, the lead product manager for Google Wave, is based in Google's Sydney office. Prior to Sydney she worked in Google's Zurich office, leading the product team for Google Maps for Europe, Middle East and Africa, and before this she was product manager for Gmail at Google in Mountain View, CA. Stephanie holds a B.S. Computer Systems Engineering and M.S.E.E. from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring Stephanie Hannon:

Stuart Henshall

Phweet, CEO

Stuart Henshall is Founder and CEO of Phweet which brings talk to any URL. Phweet eliminates phone numbers and lets users manage interruptions and present their own CallerID with call context. Stuart is a well known VoIP ( blogging evangelist (founder Skype Journal). His research company Mosoci LLC has done extensive research in the mobile social space.

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All 2009 Sessions Featuring Stuart Henshall:

Thomas McCarthy-Howe

Jaduka, CEO

Recognized as an expert in the integration of real-time communications and business processes as well as one of the most influential voices in VoIP, Thomas Howe leads the Jaduka team. Howe has over 20 years experience in the design and development of next-generation communications solutions, and has held senior management and technical positions at several public and private companies, including Comverse, PictureTel, Aware, Versatel and Tangerine. Through his own consulting business, he has focused on a Web-as-platform approach to enhancing business processes. A sought-after speaker, Thomas has keynoted several conferences. He publishes one of the telecom industry's most popular blogs.

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Tim Panton, Founder

Tim Panton has been a software developer for more than 25 years, working on a diverse range of projects, from chemical plant simulation to tourism web sites. He is also a contributor to open source projects, in particular GJTAPI a framework for implementing JTAPI (The Java Telephony API) and Westhawk's Java SNMP stack. In recent years Tim has been predominantly involved in Asterisk development and implementation, working closely with key industry players he has been championing innovative integration of voice technologies.

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Tjeerd Hoek

frog design, Executive Creative Director

Tjeerd Hoek is Executive Creative Director of Software and Hardware Convergence at global innovation firm frog design. Working with the world’s leading companies, he leads teams in establishing seamless integration between digital and physical platforms. Tjeerd has received multiple user interface patents and is a leader in the definition of user experience guidelines. Before joining frog, Tjeerd served at Microsoft as the director of user experience design for Microsoft Windows and Windows Vista. He has developed user interfaces for some of the most widely used products and platforms in the world, including Office ‘97, Office 2000, and Office XP.

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Tom Katis

RebelVox, CEO

Tom was a founder of Triple Canopy, a security company with over 3,000 employees. He remains co-chairman and the largest shareholder. After 9/11, Tom put his business career on hold to re-enlist in the Army. He returned to active duty with a Special Forces team and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2002 and 2003. Tom was an 18E and received extensive training on all significant military communications systems. Tom has held Vice President positions at Netcentives and Citigroup. He is a graduate of Yale University with a BA in Ethics, Politics and Economics.

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Tomas Rawlings

University of the West of England, PhD Candidate

Tomas has been a games designer for Hothouse Creations and Pivotal Games for PC, Dreamcast, PlayStation2 and xbox. He has also worked as an associate lecturer at Bridgwater College on matters of media and technology and computer games. He is currently working on a PhD examining evolutionary theory and networked forms of media at UWE and is the Development Director at FluffyLogic, and is the co-author of the first ever book on filmmaking and the 'Internet: PlugIn&TurnOn: A Guide to Filmmaking for the Internet'. Tomas twitters at: and blogs about his research at:

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Tomaz Stolfa, Founder

Tomaz is the founder of He’s passionate about blending web, mobile and telephony into innovative products; while hiding the complexities behind simple interfaces.
Before starting, Tomaz was the Chief of Innovation at MarandLab, an incubator for innovations and new product concepts.  
Tomaz has experience in designing and marketing cross-platform products to tier one mobile operators.
Tomaz is also the founding organizer of MobileMonday Slovenia. 

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Tony Jebara

Sense Networks & Columbia University, Chief Scientist

Tony Jebara is associate professor of computer science at Columbia University as well as chief scientist and co-founder at Sense Networks. His research intersects computer science and statistics to develop algorithms that learn from spatio-temporal data, networks, images and text. Jebara’s work has been featured on TV (ABC, BBC, New York One, TechTV) as well as in the popular press (New York Times, Slash Dot, Wired, Scientific American, Newsweek). Recently, Esquire Magazine named him one of their Best and Brightest for 2008. Jebara obtained his PhD in 2002 from MIT.

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Valerie Ivangorodsky

Vivango, Software engineer/Entrepreneur

A software engineer and entrepreneur working on new concepts and having many ideas mainly mobile based. Owner of Vivango a company settled in multiple countries.

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