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Aaron Kaplan

FunkFeuer, Founder

L. Aaron Kaplan (born 1975)
Studied maths and computer sciences in Vienna, Austria.
Aaron Kaplan is a Unix user and programmer since 4.3BSD-Lite / FreeBSD 1.0. He has been working for major telecoms, IBM, ESA, banks and heavy industries mostly doing Unix consulting/programing since 1997
Since 2008 he works for the Austrian domain registry where he feels responsible for setting up a national CERT.

Aaron is the founder of the FunkFeuer ( free wireless community network in Austria. FunkFeuer covers Vienna, Graz and certain areas which have little or no DSL connectivity in Austria (Weinviertel, Bad Ischl). Since it's creation , FunkFeuer has been constantly expanding
and innovating. At funkfeuer he is currently concentrating on the OLSR-NG project which aims to enhance the possibilities and scalability of the open source OLSR (RFC 3626) mesh routing protocol.

Sessions from eCommEurope2009: Emerging Communications Conference featuring Aaron Kaplan: