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Colin Pons

KPN, Senior Architect

Colin has been in telecommunication since 1996 after receiving his bachelor degrees in telecommunications in The Netherlands and a Bsc in Robotics from the University of British Colombia, Canada.

Colin’s first projects where related to Interconnection in The Netherlands, implementing wholesale charging, implementing PoI and defining routing policies and from 1997 on KPN’s LNP project introducing an IN based solution. Later Colin has helped to architect, design and implement three different Intelligent Network platforms and VoIP solutions with different operators while working as a consultant for LogicaCMG and later as self-employed consultant.

Colin joined KPN in 2003. Between 2004 and 2007 Colin was the chief architect for VoIP and IMS responsible for technology strategy, architecture design and product innovation. In 2007 moved to the business development side, where he developed an alternative wholesale strategy, re-engineer innovation management processes and business planning.

As a result from this work Colin is involved in the business development of application enablement.

Earlier this year he was asked to oversee and guide VoIP developments within KPN including portfolio and roadmap planning, providing guidelines for implementation of network solutions and cost reductions.

Currently, within the Technology and Innovation Unit of the Service & Technology Office (CTO) at KPN.

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