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Claire Boonstra

Layar, Co-Founder

Claire Boonstra is one of three founders of Layar, the Reality Browser. She is the managing director of SPRXmobile, the company that founded Layar. Claire holds an MSc in Civil Engineering from Delft University of Technology, but now builds bridges between people, companies, technologies and media. She worked on the introduction of i-mode in Europe, was responsible for the brand turnaround of one of Unilever's margarine brands, developed crossmedia projects with Talpa Digital and co-organized Mobile Monday Amsterdam. Claire used to be a glider pilot, loves skiing and dancing. She's now mother of baby Anthony, and preparing for her wedding next year.
Regarding the title. What about: How the mobile phone is changing your reality forever.

Augmented reality (AR) applications have only just started to appear on Android and iPhone devices, yet they have already sparked people's imagination in an unprecedented way and created a huge hype in media.

Now these AR apps are only adding two-dimensional datapoints, within months these will be followed by 3D objects.

An introduction into the world of AR, some lessons learned from the Layar Reality browsers and a peek into the near future.

Sessions from eCommEurope2009: Emerging Communications Conference featuring Claire Boonstra: