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David "Lefty" Schlesinger

LiMo Foundation/ACCESS, Director/Chairman

David "Lefty" Schlesinger is Director of Open Source Technologies at ACCESS Co., Ltd., working principally on open source strategy and community relations and represents ACCESS in a number of industry and community initiatives. For LiMo Foundation, he is the chairman of the Open Source Committee and an elected member of the Architectural Steering Committee. He is vice-chair of the Architectural Working Group of the Linux Phone Standards Forum, Chair of the Linux Foundation’s Mobile Linux Working Group, and a member of the GNOME Foundation’s Advisory Board and the GNOME Mobile Initiative.

He was previously director of the Core Technologies department, responsible for delivery of the kernel, drivers and low-level middleware for the ACCESS Linux Platform, following a decade at Apple Computer.

Lefty is well-known in the open source community and is a frequent presenter and panelist at open source-related and industry conferences and events. In the past year, he has spoken at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, the GNOME Users & Developers European Conference (GUADEC), the Ottawa Linux Symposium, Open Source in Mobile, Interop, LugRadio Live USA, OSCON, and Emerging Communications (eComm).

Sessions from eCommEurope2009: Emerging Communications Conference featuring David "Lefty" Schlesinger: