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Jaap van Till

HAN University, NL, Professor

Jaap is consultant to CTO’s and corporate telecom managers, who has experience in the mobile network, telecommunication, computer network and Internet-infrastructure fields, and is working at the cutting edge of new disruptive technologies and emerging peer-to-peer community tools, FttX and technology policy. He learned from his projects as a “Network Architect” in the corporate and factory networks of Akzo Nobel all over Europe. Later he helped to design large corporate computer networks for businesses, government ministries and the NL NREN (national research and education network) SURFnet and Netherlight lambda network. Jaap van Till is senior partner at Stratix Consulting, professor at the HAN University in Arnhem (NL) and director of the Institute for Network Quality (IfNQ). He was professor at the Delft University (NL) and the University of Kaunas (Lithuania) and frequently teaches at post-graduate courses and business schools, like the Institut Theseus in Nice (France).

Sessions from eCommEurope2009: Emerging Communications Conference featuring Jaap van Till: