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James Body

Truphone, CTO

James Body is well known a source of new, disruptive and innovative thinking is the telecomms space. Luckily, he managed to put these and a number of other disruptive skills to good use as a Regular officer in the British Army. Following 20 years service in the British Army, where he graduated with degrees in Electronic Engineering and Design of Information Systems, he became involved in the pioneering of UK based VoIP, setting up SIPCall and Gossiptel, leading UK SIP<>PSTN services. A founding member of the UK Internet Telephony Providers Association, he has consistently been involved with getting things done at the cutting edge of the European VoIP community. As Research Director at Truphone, he was responsible for new and exciting technologies, ranging from the handset back into the PSTN. An enthusiastic supporter of Open Source software, he sponsors the development and rapid deployment of some of the leading telecommunications applications. After leaving his Director position at Truphone in Dec 2008, he has set up a new venture based in Northern Ireland, Telet Research, as a medium through which new concepts and technologies can be explored and brought into commercial realization.

Sessions from eCommEurope2009: Emerging Communications Conference featuring James Body: