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James Burke

VURB, Co-Founder

James Burke is co-founder of VURB, a European framework for policy and design research concerning urban computational systems. The VURB foundation, based in Amsterdam, provides direction and resources to a portfolio of projects investigating how our cultures might come to use networked digital resources to change the way we understand, build, and inhabit cities.He currently works as freelance interaction designer and user experience architect under the moniker of Lifesized. He is also founding member of Hackdeoverheid (, an organization that organizes events, bringing geeks and civil servants together to design new government services and increase political transparency and which is focused on open government data source. He also founded NARB (, an online art guide and set of tools for museum exhibition designers, the Roomware Project (, an open-source framework for making indoor spaces interactive and the P2P Foundation (, a global network of people researching peer to peer practises.

Sessions from eCommEurope2009: Emerging Communications Conference featuring James Burke: