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Rudolf van der Berg

Logica, Management Consultant

Rudolf has had a diverse career in telecoms. In 1999 while studying for his masters in Public Administration at Twente University he became involved in the student run campus network, which was offering 100mbit/s internet at the time. Ten years later he has fiber to his home, but still can't get 100 mbit/s. After graduating he worked on establishing an internet exchange and customer-owned fibre networks in the east of The Netherlands and in Germany customer-owned fibre networks. He went on to become a policy advisor Telecoms at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Here he was responsible for Dutch regulations on lawful interception, negotiated the dataretention directive and addressed strategic issues involving new networks, new regulations, interconnection and net neutrality. While seconded to the OECD in Paris he wrote "The future of fibre networks, technology, business and regulatory issues". As a management consultant at Logica he works for a diverse clientele in the Telecom and Energy sectors.

Rudolf documents his thoughts on telecoms at They range from the Telecommunications Cool Wall, an explanation of Peering and Transit, wiki's and mobile terminating fees around the world to pictures of Fiber to his Home.

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