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Thomas McCarthy-Howe

Jaduka, CEO

Recognized as an expert in the integration of real-time communications and business processes as well as one of the most influential voices in VoIP, Thomas Howe leads the Jaduka team.

Howe has over 20 years experience in the design and development of next-generation communications solutions, and has held senior management and technical positions at several public and private companies, including Comverse, PictureTel, Aware, Versatel and Tangerine. Through his own consulting business, he has focused his clients – spanning service providers, enterprises and equipment vendors – on a Web-as-platform approach to enhancing business processes.

Howe has won several awards, including the VON Magazine Innovator's Award (March 2008) and the first ever O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Mashup Contest (March 2007). In the past, Howe wrote the audio and video software for the first standards compliant H.323 endpoint, commercialized the first SIP implementation for Columbia University and was the software architect for the first ADSL chipset.

A sought-after speaker, Thomas has keynoted several conferences, including eComm, CableLabs, ITExpo and VON. He regularly contributes to Fierce VoIP and ProgrammableWeb and publishes one of the telecom industry's most popular blogs.

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