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Using the Telephone as a Remote Control for any Physical Object - Part 2

Valerie Ivangorodsky, Software engineer/Entrepreneur, Vivango

Date: Wednesday, October 28

Time: 4:57 - 5:05 PM

Location: Transformatorhuis

"Augmented reality" as we have seen it so far on the mobile is limited to watching things happen on the screen of your phone.

Within the RoomWare Project - which is about "the web of things" - we have created two solutions to use the phone as a remote control for any object in your surroundings. It is their world premier at eComm.

We will give two brief demo's regarding the Remote Controlling concept and talk about the vision behind.

The 10 minute demo will cover two scenarios:

1)  Generic: using any mobile phone via a local dial in and the Voxeo gateway
2)  Specific: using the new generation smart phones in combination with bluetooth beacons and QR-codes

Both demo's will show in a simple way how the phone is used as a Remote Control for specific screens and locations and talk about how RoomWare is used as a mediator to bind it all together. One of the first commercial uses we see is for narrowcasting.

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