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Edge As Value - Value As Edge

Graham Brierton, CTO, Voicesage

Date: Thursday, October 29

Time: 9:15 - 9:30 AM

Location: Transformatorhuis

CEBP (Communications Enabled Business Processes) can be thought about as bridging "lags and drags" in regular business processes through multimodal communications. VoiceSage addressed some of these issues at eComm 09 San Francisco.

Now VoiceSage will widen the vision to speak about how CEBP can also be a great example of surfacing "organisational edges" or "surfaces" that can be connected or related to in new ways in order to create new value. These are the Edges That Release Value.

VoiceSage will give examples of different ways organisational assets have been interfaced with using enterprise edge principles:

- How to integrate "from the outside in"
- How to surface relationships between Processes, People, and Things
- Creating data that gives context and meaning from an Enterprise Perspective.

VoiceSage will then provide an example of one very traditional company that has learned how to be Edge without knowing it and how we will explain how we deliver Edge Value by adopting certain Values and Principles of interaction and engagement.

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