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The Rise of Real-Time Text and the Demise of Voice

RJ Auburn, CTO, Voxeo

Date: Thursday, October 29

Time: 11:00 - 11:15 AM

Location: Transformatorhuis

Voice applications are dying. The era of the voice-only IVR is over. Take one look at the younger generation now entering the work force and consumer space - how many of them actually use their phones to place calls? Or take a look at the incredible success companies are having with "live web chat" to provide customer support? The cold, hard reality is that customers want more choice in how they interact with your company - and increasingly they want to choose non-voice communication means. They want to contact you via SMS, IM, Twitter, Facebook or the mobile web. They don't want to work through a mountain of menus - they want to send you quick short requests and get back answers fast. How do you cope with this change in behavior? How can you develop applications that interact with customers in all these different channels? In this talk, Voxeo CTO RJ Auburn will outline the rise in real-time text communication and offer suggestions for how you can efficiently create applications that let you scale your support for multi-channel communication and deliver the information customers need in the channels they want. Come prepared to ask questions and learn how to move beyond voice.

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